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TESTIMONY: Cassandra

September 09, 2022 Vinnie Angelo, Cassandra
The Golden Hills Podcast's Podcast
TESTIMONY: Cassandra
Show Notes

Testimonies are powerful. They are the stories we tell to share of the faithfulness of God in our lives. In this episode of "Testimony," Vinnie talks with GHCC Member, Cassandra.

During her testimony, Cassandra shares about her past abortion, and how she was able to find healing through a parachurch ministry called PACE. If you would like to find out more information about PACE, you can visit their website here:

If you're a GHCC woman who' had an abortion and would like to speak with Cassandra directly about her ministry, you can get in contact with her through Pastor Matt Pierce. Email Pastor Matt at =

If you're interested in participating in a GHCC Care and Support group, you can find information on those here:

Join us each week as we hear from a variety of GHCC congregants—brothers and sisters—who are boldly sharing their testimonies.

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